Concrete calculator

grayscale photography of concrete blocks

Basic Concrete Calculator

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This concrete calculator is a simple tool designed to help estimate the amount of concrete and the components needed for a concrete mix based on the dimensions of the structure to be built. It’s particularly useful for small to medium-sized DIY projects, such as building a concrete slab, a wall, or a column.

By inputting the length, width, and height of the structure (in meters), the calculator will provide an estimate of the number of 40kg bags of cement required, as well as the volume of sand and aggregate needed (in cubic meters). The calculator assumes a standard 1:2:3 mix ratio (cement:sand:aggregate), which is commonly used for general-purpose concrete.


Please note that this calculator provides a basic estimation and does not account for specific project variables such as waste, spillage, over-excavation, variations in mix designs, or the specific types of cement, sand, or aggregate used. For larger or more complex projects, or for projects requiring a specific type of concrete, it’s recommended to consult with a concrete professional or engineer to get a more accurate estimate.